“BEAUTIFUL!  Paul, I am hosting an event in The Arbor at Union Grove today for representatives in my company from Tampa, Kansas City, Charlotte, Pittsburgh and thirty-three other North Carolina cities.  BEAUTIFUL is the word!  The ceiling, the lights, the floors, the Foyer and THAT kitchen!  Of course, they cannot see what I saw in your caring, concern and no stone left unturned in the design and complete cooperation in working with our contractor.  It was a joy working with you on yet another successful project.  What in the world will I do next?  My granddaughter wanted me to tell you The Arbor is supercalifragalisticexpealidious.”

Barbara Bull
Union Grove Baptist Church
Kernersville, North Carolina


“Paul was indeed  the most important  person in our renovation/addition project.  His design is creative, functional, and aesthetically beautiful and strengthened the integrity of the original house because the addition and renovation are seamless.
Paul’s architectural knowledge saved  us a tremendous amount of money.   Paul is the only person we will use for our future projects!
He is a dream to work with! ”
– Lauren and Dennis Kingsley





Thank you for your care and attention to design our lovely house.  We received wonderful compliments from our friends during our recent Christmas party.  You should be proud of your creation.
This was a large investment for us and your talent made our home all the more valuable.”
Jennifer & Chris Latta




…I can’t tell you how pleased I am with these designs.
And, the process is FUN!”

-Dr. Katherine M. Dunlap, PhD


“Thank you for designing such a wonderful house and helping us make the perfect exterior color selections.  We got more then our monies worth from the builder due to your creativity. Tell all your prospective clients to come visit us in Quail Park and look for the house with the big boulder in front.  You’re the best!
–  Andy & Leslie Dinkin


“As we enter our fifth month of our occupancy of beautiful Saint Alban’s, we find we are growing just as you predicted. Thank you for giving us this lovely place to worship.  We hope you can also enjoy its creation. We wish you many opportunities to bring pleasure to others.”
Ellen Chewning, Building Chair, Saint Alban’s Episcopal Church






“Paul was chosen because the committee perceived him to be a person who planned well with a congregation, taking into consideration their needs and wishes.  As he worked with them he did just that.  He gave leadership while listening to the input of all along the way. The result is a building which reflects the insights of the congregation, committee and pastor as well as the architect.
…I recommend him…”
-William H. Tiemann, Associate Executive, Church Development Presbytery of Charlotte


“…We are very happy with the parish center that you designed for us. Your responsiveness was evident to the needs and desires of the parish as you worked with the building committee.  The parish center was completed within our budget and the architectural services were completed on schedule.
You were willing to meet with our committee as often as necessary and were available for all of the presentations to the congregation.  You also offered a very creative approach coupled with your flexibility to adapt to our desires.

 I have observed your work with other parishes and believe they also found your services most satisfactory.”
-Rev. Msgr. Joseph A Kerin Pastor, Saint Mathews Catholic Church




“Thank you so much Paul, for our wonderful home and especially for your forbearance…I love it.
It will be so beautiful when we finish the landscaping.”
Janie and Billy Metts






“I want to thank you for the outstanding job you have done for us over the past months.  A new church development is a complicated and, at some times, a difficult undertaking.  This process often creates a great deal of stress in the life of a new church.  I am pleased to say that your support and assistance to us turned what could have been a very difficult situation into a pleasurable experience to build our church family.
The unique way in which you worked with our builder saved us time and money, and clearly gave us an outstanding facility.
…Our relationship with you has reflected a close and warm feeling and for that we are grateful.”
Steve Caddell, Minister South Mecklenburg Presbyterian Church


“I want to express my gratitude to you for your splendid work you have done for us on various diocesan project.
Your talent and expertise have only been exceeded by your willingness to give of yourself in determining not only just our immediate but also our long term needs, while keeping within the limitations of budget and schedule.
In planning for us, you have certainly been aided by your knowledge of Catholic worship requirements.”
Rev. Msgr. John J. McSweeney, V.G. Chancellor Diocese of Charlotte


“We chose Paul Poetzsch because he has experience with church buildings, were impressed with his presentation of similar buildings such as our neighboring church, Saint Thomas Aquinas and because our chairman knew Paul through his many successful projects at the UNCC campus  across the street from our site.
Our experience with Mr. Poetzsch was most satisfying.  He worked with us and was very helpful all along the way, especially with design.
Now that the building is completed we are extremely pleased with the results.
-Richard C. Little, Minister Advent Lutheran Church


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